Ends on March 10, 2018

Issue #25 – The Lyric Essay

To take a cue from Ronk’s “Lyric Essay as Constellation,” the lyric essay as genre or form—whichever it is—seems to be entirely and only an analogy (which has been auto-corrected to “apology,” which seems just as fitting of a description):

We seek essays that exist only because of a logical parallel, kinship, or metaphor; only to express a transference of meaning; or only to describe that (biological, verbal, structural) material that forms more than only one thing. We seek essays that are acknowledgements of failure, justifications of theory or doctrine, that literally move away from an area of interest.

We seek lyric essays from an array of discourses, styles, mythology, and influence that are candid, reflexive, and architecturally sound; essays whose discoveries and questions are written only out of emotional necessity, like those utterances during therapy that unlock, open and empty us of everything but that exact emotional key–maybe still dangling from our locks.

Multi-modal and hybrid work will catch our eye but is no substitute for essaying: the content should dictate the form, which should, in turn, clarify the content. We are interested in work whose essaying happens performatively or only because of, for, and through the lyric, the form, analogy.

We want analogies (apologies). Anapologies.

Submissions due 3/10/17. Guest Editor Wes Jamison. Issue live 4/30/18.

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